Panzer 2.0

19 11 2007

This is probably a week’s old news: I finally managed it! Got a new car.

Me gots a new 2003 Subaru Impreza GX (WRX has yellow rims, and a blue i don’t like)

Here are some pictures of the new Panzer:

Panzer 2.0 - Front ViewPanzer 2.0 - Panoramic ViewPanzer 2.0 - Side View

This was taken yesterday while giving it the trial-by-fire it had to go thru in order to belong to the family: Road-trip to Moca, visiting some family we have over there.

  • Total Trip: ~322km, including some running around in town and getting in/out of Santo Domingo.
  • Average MPG: 322km/6.6 gallons of gas (~RD$ 1,100 @ RD$ 165/g) = 48.78KM/g = ~30.49MPG
  • A/C was online for the whole trip.
  • AVG Highway Speed: 130km/h

Now, why do I insist on calling this new car Panzer, even if this car is Japanese, not German?

  1. I’m used to it. (My other car is an ’89 Jetta: strong ol’ war machine)
  2. Japanese where part of the Axis during WWII, so they had some kind of relationship with the germans.
  3. It’s a lean, mean and sexy killing machine.
  4. I like the name.

For Ivan/Green: No, I’m not posting a picture of me licking my car.

Edit: Corrected some of the numbers.


Been Away

12 11 2007

I haven’t made a post for such a long time that i almost went into a wild quest to kill the dude who was stealing my ideas and my nickname on this site… until i found him 🙂

Things have gotten pretty interesting since last time: my department on the company i worked was closed, then i moved into another department (which was fun) and just recently moved to a new company altogether to continue my habit of torturing machines with code looking for new challenges.

The changes have been pretty refreshing so far,  and i’ve been in a very good mood these days: no recent ideas involving the destruction of mankind or part of, which is always nice when you see it in hindsight. I even have almost/just barely/gotten over my habit of refering to us humans as ‘monkeys’.

I have also been reading a lot of good SF (Charless Stross, John Scalzi, etc), i may or may not write about some of the recent books i have read in a near future.

So, WaRCHieFX is back, let’s see how it goes from here.

The Greatest Joke

12 11 2007

I woke up this morning, and while completing my booting process (takes around 5 mins, average) started to think in what would be the biggest prank ever, something so complex, so crazy, so… interesting, that the moment the punchline arrives, i wouldn’t be there since a long long time.

Things are always misinterpreted when they are taken out of context. Now, while you ponder this simple truth, you might also think about archeology. Archeologists look for the remains of civilizations that have been dead for quite some time now. They discover objects, places, customs, whatever they can find about them in a neverending quest to discover things we may have forgotten. The problem I see with it is that those objects, places, customs are to be seen without their acompanying context, since we cannot always be 100% sure they mean whatever we think they mean, unless we get to do some time traveling to confirm, but that would take about half of the fun about it and implementation is left as an exercise to the reader.

Taking this into account: what’s to stop me from writing some scrolls (or other high durability media, digital formats suck at this) and leave them hidden as a message to future alcheologists to discover? What if i write into it something in the lines of “The Cult of the Black Screen of Death”? What if said scrolls generates some kind of new religion in the future based on the age-old premise of “going back to the old ways”? Raw, Unadulterated Madness… me says.

This, of couse, assumes that something not entirely unlike World War III will eventually happen… and that in happening, will cause such a collapse on civilization as we know it, so as for we to go back into some kind of dark ages? (a “Mad Max”-esque situation, if you are so inclined).

The problem with this dependency, is that if you check, you will a dangerous trend into which our weapons technology level keeps rising, but our common sense stays constant or goes down (i’m looking at you: US of A). Thus, the more time it takes for WW3 to come, the greater the disaster will be, unless the common sense rating starts going up again, but that never happens. It looks like us humans haven’t separated that much from monkeys, and we still have that pesky tendency of always looking for a better club with which to hit some other monkey’s head.

Forget about the better mouse trap, the club is what this is all about.

DISCLAIMER: This is a product of my deranged imagination and I admit that my coffee tasted funny this morning.

Do you have any other similar, crazy ideas?