Been Away

12 11 2007

I haven’t made a post for such a long time that i almost went into a wild quest to kill the dude who was stealing my ideas and my nickname on this site… until i found him 🙂

Things have gotten pretty interesting since last time: my department on the company i worked was closed, then i moved into another department (which was fun) and just recently moved to a new company altogether to continue my habit of torturing machines with code looking for new challenges.

The changes have been pretty refreshing so far,  and i’ve been in a very good mood these days: no recent ideas involving the destruction of mankind or part of, which is always nice when you see it in hindsight. I even have almost/just barely/gotten over my habit of refering to us humans as ‘monkeys’.

I have also been reading a lot of good SF (Charless Stross, John Scalzi, etc), i may or may not write about some of the recent books i have read in a near future.

So, WaRCHieFX is back, let’s see how it goes from here.




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