Panzer 2.0

19 11 2007

This is probably a week’s old news: I finally managed it! Got a new car.

Me gots a new 2003 Subaru Impreza GX (WRX has yellow rims, and a blue i don’t like)

Here are some pictures of the new Panzer:

Panzer 2.0 - Front ViewPanzer 2.0 - Panoramic ViewPanzer 2.0 - Side View

This was taken yesterday while giving it the trial-by-fire it had to go thru in order to belong to the family: Road-trip to Moca, visiting some family we have over there.

  • Total Trip: ~322km, including some running around in town and getting in/out of Santo Domingo.
  • Average MPG: 322km/6.6 gallons of gas (~RD$ 1,100 @ RD$ 165/g) = 48.78KM/g = ~30.49MPG
  • A/C was online for the whole trip.
  • AVG Highway Speed: 130km/h

Now, why do I insist on calling this new car Panzer, even if this car is Japanese, not German?

  1. I’m used to it. (My other car is an ’89 Jetta: strong ol’ war machine)
  2. Japanese where part of the Axis during WWII, so they had some kind of relationship with the germans.
  3. It’s a lean, mean and sexy killing machine.
  4. I like the name.

For Ivan/Green: No, I’m not posting a picture of me licking my car.

Edit: Corrected some of the numbers.




3 responses

19 11 2007
Jimmy Ventura

Dude, come on, you know the WRX is awe inspiring. you are just down playing it cause you gotta love what you have

19 11 2007
Ricardo Restituyo

Shhhh… I know 🙂

29 11 2007
Eduardo Burgos

I saw that car the other day, it looks cool.
I own a Subaru too, mine does 10km/l in highway, not bad for a 3 liter H6 avg speed 120-140km/h

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