Panzer 2.0

19 11 2007

This is probably a week’s old news: I finally managed it! Got a new car.

Me gots a new 2003 Subaru Impreza GX (WRX has yellow rims, and a blue i don’t like)

Here are some pictures of the new Panzer:

Panzer 2.0 - Front ViewPanzer 2.0 - Panoramic ViewPanzer 2.0 - Side View

This was taken yesterday while giving it the trial-by-fire it had to go thru in order to belong to the family: Road-trip to Moca, visiting some family we have over there.

  • Total Trip: ~322km, including some running around in town and getting in/out of Santo Domingo.
  • Average MPG: 322km/6.6 gallons of gas (~RD$ 1,100 @ RD$ 165/g) = 48.78KM/g = ~30.49MPG
  • A/C was online for the whole trip.
  • AVG Highway Speed: 130km/h

Now, why do I insist on calling this new car Panzer, even if this car is Japanese, not German?

  1. I’m used to it. (My other car is an ’89 Jetta: strong ol’ war machine)
  2. Japanese where part of the Axis during WWII, so they had some kind of relationship with the germans.
  3. It’s a lean, mean and sexy killing machine.
  4. I like the name.

For Ivan/Green: No, I’m not posting a picture of me licking my car.

Edit: Corrected some of the numbers.