Things to Avoid

This is a list of things that i have done or watched happening that i feel the need to warn any comers so as not to try them (or run like hell):

  • Peras Criollas (something not entirely unlike pears coming from the central regions of DR).
  • Michael Jackson movies
  • Soap Operas
  • Movies directed by Uwe Boll
  • Movies and concerts by Mariah Carey (unless you are into those things… remember Glitter)
  • Women parking big SUVs
  • Microwave Platanos
  • Running out of gas on a Diesel Vehicle
  • Java 2 Evil Edition
  • Any kind of Enterprisey software, specially if developed on top of J2EE
  • Go to a mexican restaurant with your girlfriend, and sing “Con mi burrito sabanero…” after looking at your invoice. Worse if done outside of x-mas. (I actually saw this).
  • Driving while it’s raining. You may find you can’t control your car when it’s floating.
  • Driving a non-diesel car when it’s raining very hard. You may get your ignition all wet… and need to dry it… somehow. Try this with some little puddles of water about 10-15cm deep for extra fun.
  • Running with scissors. Classic
  • Buy 2×1 offers in some Pizza place where you never, ever see people eating at.
  • Be a Superhero whose superpower is being almost/near/mostly/sort of indestructible.
  • Apply the scientific method to demonstrate Murphy’s Law.
  • Watch Local TV Channels on Dominican Republic
  • Shoot at CONCORD Billboards on EVE-Online. It’s posible for it to be the last thing you do.
  • Say anything that may imply that someone with an XX set of chromosomes is, or in the process of getting, fat or old. Depends on your relationship with the target: the closer you are, the bigger the pain.
  • Go to Church and make jokes about why the bishop must be fake because he doesn’t move diagonally to people who truly believe in the Church as an institution.
  • Anyone who may want to treat you like you were a sheep or part of a group of sheep.

4 responses

4 06 2007

I will agree with you on the microwave platanos, women parking ANYTHING, and other points you have made.

Your last two points are the result of a strong bias you have. I have told you before and I will tell you again. This is business you cannot approach it with a personal bias. It will get you nowhere.

4 06 2007
Ricardo Restituyo

My strong bias was against .NET, not Java 🙂

Enterprisey software, after being doing performance on them for a while, gives me the creeps. Not that i wouldn’t develop one of those anyways.

5 06 2007

I agree with all, specially the last one, that’s a big no, no.

As you are being more a tuned to our country, I would say you should also add:

– Driving while raining. You might find you can’t control your car, when it’s floating.
– local T.V commercials, unless you are trying to motivate yourself to commit suicide.

There are a few more, but they are not kosher.

1 03 2009

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